Clarke Resumes Charitable Contribution Program After One-year Hiatus

Clarke resumed its charitable contribution program in 2021 after a one-year hiatus during the difficult pandemic times of 2020. The locations designated this year were carried over from 2020: Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Cincinnati CPS truck shop.

Fort Wayne Branch Appreciates Visit to Hope House

Jake Felkner, Customer Support Manager at Fort Wayne, and his team chose the Mad Anthony Hope House for the charitable contribution program. The Hope House is located on the property of the Children’s Hospital in Fort Wayne.

This facility houses family members who live out of town and travel great distances for treatment of their children. Oftentimes, these children are hospitalized for weeks, even months, to undergo surgery, procedures or treatments. The donation from Clarke will sponsor one of the rooms in the Hope House to enable these families to stay for free the entire time their child is in the hospital. In fact, Clarke’s $25,000 will sponsor a room for five years!

Jake, Paul Loebig and George Svaranowic were given a tour of the facility — which is more comfortable than many upscale hotels! The rooms are private and there are common areas, such as an enormous kitchen, equipped with all the best appliances and cooking equipment. A giant pantry fully-stocked with food items for all ages is provided free — all the family must do is prepare the meals. There is also a quiet room, a library, a social room and a counseling living room.

The three Clarke employees were given the tour by Sara Binkley, Development Specialist, and Joseph Cohen, the Vice President of the Hope House’s Board of Directors. The check presentation was made outside the center to Joseph, in full view of the large, modern hospital across the parking lot. All appreciated the experience!

Charitable Contribution Program at Hope House

Clarke Indianapolis Keeps Rigg Center Running

Ryan Carlton, Customer Support Manager at Indianapolis, and his team chose the Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center for the charitable contribution program. The Rigg Center is located just five minutes from Clarke’s Indianapolis branch. Ryan’s team became intimately familiar with the Rigg Center since the technicians had fixed the Center’s bus — many times!

The Mary Rigg Center serves families in a poorer section of Indianapolis through basic needs and food. The Rigg Center has programs for before-and-after school, so children are not left at home alone. The Center also has summer camp programs, as well as a LEADERS program for older child development.

Paul, George and Ryan toured the center. One of the guides was a degreed social worker named Meaghan Owens. She herself was one of the children served at Mary Rigg Center almost 20 years earlier.

Joining Meaghan on the tour was Andrew Lee, Director of Community Engagement, and Jennifer Neer, Development and Communications Manager. Additionally, a cameraman from the local Fox News station interviewed Paul for a quick spot on the news, promoting Clarke’s contribution.

The leaders from the Rigg Center stated that Clarke’s donation would be used specifically for the transportation of kids to offsite activities and programs. The leaders of the Rigg Center also hope to make a down payment on a new bus. The Center always takes the bus to Clarke for any repairs!

Charitable Contribution Program at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center

Cincinnati Team Donates to Center of Autism

Craig Hahn, Cincinnati Shop Customer Support Manager, and his team at Kemper Road chose the Cincinnati Center for Autism for the charitable contribution program. This charity was especially meaningful to the Cincinnati shop since two employees have had children attend this center. Cincinnati Center for Autism is coincidentally very close to the Clarke Fire Protection facility in Springdale, Ohio!

Craig, Paul and George made the short trip to the center and met the Executive Director, Susie Wolfe, and her Assistant Director, Megan Thomas. While students took coffee orders and prepared them in their “full service business project” kitchen/barista, Susie and Megan explained the different offerings at the Center.

The Center serves as a school for students as young as five-years-old, all the way up to age 19. They offer appointment-based services as well and have a three-week summer program so that students have an opportunity for year-round learning.

After the students formally served us coffee and donuts, Craig, Paul and George were given a tour of the classrooms, as well as all of the “special” rooms that are sometimes needed for autistic children. The classes are small, and children are grouped in “age bands” so that they are usually with a few younger and a few older.

The staff let Clarke know that our donation would be used to fulfill a shortage of computers in the classrooms. The students are particularly adept at electronics and computers. The Clarke team is pleased with the use of our donation!

Charitable Contribution Program at Cincinnati Center of Autism

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